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Guys like Tupac are convinced that when feminists say that “all men deserve to be castrated”, “all men deserve to die”, “all men should go to a concentration camp”, these feminists want to spare the hot guys. They are wrong because feminists like that are lesbian and they don’t need men.

Yeah I agree.

The average woman who men say are “man-haters” are typically just women who won’t fuck THEM. However, the rare Feminists who literally think “all men are pigs” are typically women who…..well…..really do think “all men are pigs”. So yes, I think most of the types who really ARE man-haters would probably still dislike men in any era.

I don’t mean that to put them down, it’s just sort of how I feel about the radical MRAs and PUAs who think women walk around plotting in our heads how to use our sexuality against them and how to suck their souls out as quickly as we can like the Succubi Demons that we evidently are. I don’ think some men realize that many of us ladies are just really oblivious to being hit on or flirted with and don’t even necessarily realize that we are “rejecting” them at all!!! Women aren’t in a perpetual state of imagining every attractive man as “possible future ass” like men tend to do, so they don’t realize that we are not like “muah hahahahah…..another silly male to lure into my evil web”……

I mean do men REALLY think that’s what most women are doing/thinking/act like??

I don’t think even 50% of men are assholes. I think about 30% of men overall are truly “assholes, douchebags, and woman-haters”. The other 20% of that group are probably more insensitive and out of touch then actual “assholes”.

So that still leaves a good 50% of men who are NOT sexists, douchebags, and assholes (in my opinion) and it’s just as important to recognize the “good ones” as it is the “bad ones”.

Some Feminists seem to forget that.